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Where Parallel Lines Converge | Commissioned by NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory 
Recorded by Ensemble Éclat
Conducted by Charles-Eric Fontaine

Alex Huyghebaert, flute

Gwénaëlle Ratouit, clarinet and bass clarinet

Charles Chiovato Rambaldo, percussion

Léo Guiollot, percussion

Paul Çelebi, piano

Jeanne Côté, violin

Audréanne Filion, violoncello

Charles-Eric Fontaine, conductor

Seungwoo Han, audio engineer

Priam David, videographer


Video Credit: NASA/CXC/A. Jubett & Priam David

Universe of Sound: Data to Music Translation | NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory 
The science behind the composition of Where Parallel Lines Converge

All Things Lovely: Nearer to People (Scene 2) | May 2022 
The Recorded by Opera McGill as part of their Beta Lab New Works Initiative

Concert Vivier InterUniversitaire March 28th @ 8:00pm | Live Webcast

Blue Wings: a cycle of four songs on an existential theme
Anna Atkinson, Soprano
Rebecca Klassen-Wiebe, Piano

All Things Lovely: PREVIEW | January, 23rd @ 12:00pm EST

Mrs. Nicolsonan excerpt from All Things Lovely: Scene 3 – Nearer to People

Anna Atkinson, Soprano | Virginia Woolf

Ingrid Johnson, Mezzo-soprano | Vita Sackville-West

Alice Abracen, Librettist

E.B. Sciales, Dramaturge

Brigid Lucey, Director

New Voices Opera | The X | December 8th, 2020 

All Things Lovely: Scene 1 – Look Your Last 

Maggie Kinebrew, Soprano | Virginia Woolf

Liz Culpepper, Mezzo | Vita Sackville-west

Amane Michida, Soprano | Chorus 1

Duncan Holzhall, Tenor | Chorus 2

Brian McClary, Baritone | Chorus 3

American Originals |Skidmore College| March 3rd, 2019

The Hunter
Skidmore College Orchestra


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